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Admissions are open for Session 2023-24.For Admission Kindly Contact : +91 98143-20500

Admission Rules and Regulations

Girls (Summer)White shirt, Dark grey Salwaar/trousers, Light grey dupatta, Institute’s neck Tie bearing Institute’s logo and Black Leather Shoes along with white socks.
(Winter) White shirt, Dark grey Salwaar/trousers, Light grey dupatta, Institute’s neck Tie bearing Institute’s logo, Navy Blue Blazer and Black Leather Shoes.
*High heels not allowed. Non-Sikh students will have proper hair-cuts.

Workshop / Lab. Uniform: While in the Institute’s workshop, every student must wear Dark Grey Dangri / White coat, both from the point of view of safety and efficiency.

  • A student must be regular and punctual in attendance.

  • If a student remains absent from the Institute without leave, continuously for 10 days, his/her name will be struck off the Institute rolls.

  • The student may be readmitted on the payment of readmission fee and penalty, if any. She/She will not be allowed to attend the classes till he/she is readmitted.

  • A student must fulfill the requirement of attendance as laid down by the State Board i.e. minimum 75% of attendance failing, which, he/she will be detained from appearing in University or State Board examinations.

  • All kinds of leave should be applied for on prescribed application form.

  • In exceptional circumstances, the application may be submitted within three days after the expiry of leave.

  • Leave application should be recommended by the respective class incharge / H.O.D.

  • The medical officer must recommend leave application on medical grounds, Father/Guardian of the student must countersign such application before it is sent to the institute. Medical officer will clearly specify the disease and the period of the rest recommended. Medical certificate along with the fitness certificate from a competent authority must be submitted within three days from joining the institute.

  • The Principal will sanction medical leave.

  • Absence or leave from exam, for whatever reasons will mean nil result in the Sessional Test.

Students absenting themselves without leave shall be liable to disciplinary action.


  • There shall be three Sessional tests in each semester.

  • It is compulsory for the students to appear in all sessional tests

  • A student found guilty of using unfair means during the house examination will be given severe punishment. She/he may even be expelled from the institute or disqualified from appearing in the university examination. Similarly use of unfair means in final exams will result in cancellation of exam.


  • Institute’s library remains open from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM during academic session except Sundays/Holidays.

  • To get enrolled as a library member, student shall fill up and sign enrollment form. He/she shall get it recommended from the principal/Director of the institution.

  • The students shall be authorized to draw 03 books from the library at a time for one week only.

  • All the books on loan shall be returned on or before the due date otherwise an overdue charge will be levied as: a) Rs.5/-per day for the first week b).Rs.10/-for the remaining period.

  • A student, who loses, defaces or otherwise damages a book, shall have to replace the same with its new edition.

  • Student shall not take away any material from Library including Books, Newspaper or Periodicals nor will cut any portion thereof.


  • No student is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet, notice, pamphlet or handbill in the College premises without prior permission from the Principal.

  • Any student aggrieved by any happening in the College shall lodge a complaint with the Principal and not with any outside authority unless the Principal permits him/her to do so.

  • Use of mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited in the College premises and during College Functions. Mobiles and Cameras confiscated shall only be returned if disciplinary committee permits.

  • Smoking in the College premises is strictly prohibited.

  • College authorities can revise the dues without any prior notice. This revision will be applicable to all students enrolled at that time or in future.

  • Any political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the College premises.

  • Students must keep the College Identity Card during their stay in the College premises and during College functions.

The College is not responsible for any loss/damage regarding the students’ belongings.

  • The College students, while parking their bikes/motor cars, are required to put proper lock on them. College administration shall not be responsible for any loss on this account, whatsoever.

If a student defaults in submission of College dues for a period of one month, his/her name will be struck off from the College Rolls.